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Stephanie M wrote:
My body is in poor shape to travel, so much of my learning has to be done online or through video and DVD tutorials when things and people Iw ant to learn from aren't local (which few are). Being a fan of Pam's work, when I was finally able to purchase a Paragon kiln to get going in enameling, I first bought her enameling on silver DVD set. May I jet say how incredibly impressed I was with all the information given! I have her book and dozens more on the subject, but honestly, there's no substitute for me for learning "on the job" and through videos or actually in person. There was so much more information in that video than I EVER got and absorbed from books and other tutorials. I immediately bought her enameling on copper DVD as well and it impressed as much. So much more information that as practical that you just don't get in step-by-step books. I wish I could travel to take a course from Pam in person as I know I'd glean more just from being in the same vicinity as the "master". ;) If you are unsure about the DVDs, think of them s a super cheap way to take a class! And then you have the information forever at your fingertips! I'm so looking forward to my kiln delivery! THANKS for sharing your experience w/ us, Pam!

Mary Len Hajduk wrote:
Last year my granddaughter and I took Pam's class at Touchstone Center for Crafts. Pam is the ultimate professional and at the same time a down-to-earth instructor and skilled artisan. Pam evoked from me a new found passion for PMC and enamel art. I look forward to the opportunity to participate in another of Pam's classes.

Sandy Wildkatsch wrote:
I recently received my DVDs from the Kick Starter project on enameling on silver and copper clay. They are fabulous. She shows you how to work with the clay so even if you have never worked with metal clay before, you can start right in with these projects.. I also have her enamel kit with all the products she uses in the class so there is no guessing what you will need or where to obtain it. I couldn't be happier. Now if only I can live up to my expectations.

Kathy Hensley wrote:
I was a Kickstarter backer and received both silver and copper enameling dvds and love them. Both metals are totaly different and if you work in both you need both. So glad I saw you on Kickstarter and decided to back you. Good luck and looking forward to more dvds.

Lea LaRoche wrote:
Found a cool leaf pendant at Turning Leaf Gallery. Called Pam, went to her home, learned one on one, took more classes, and the WOW factor just keeps on going. Pam is a great teacher and communicator.

Carol Douglas wrote:
Pam is not only a cool friend to have but she is a patient and thorough teacher. She gave me an intensive experience in enamelling on silver using an excellent method of filling which resulted in a depth of colour and an intensity I was amazed at. Her dedication and attention to detail is admirable . If you want to learn about enamelling on either copper or silver Pam is great at sharing her wealth of knowledge on the subject

Wendy McManus wrote:
My first experience with metal clay was in a one-week introduction class with Pam East at the John C. Campbell Folk School. On the first day, I made beautiful jewelry that I was proud to wear, gift and even sell. Throughout that week, Pam was both thorough and gentle, a magical combination for a teacher. I believe that my success with metal clay started with that solid foundation. By learning good habits and amazing helpful hints, I was able to handle the clay with confidence. Four years and thousands of grams of clay later, I still use the techniques I learned from Pam every single time I sit down to work in my studio.

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