Graduated Slat Sets


Graduated Slat Set
Suggested Retail Price: $16.95

The Graduated Slat Set contains seven (7) pairs of color coded durable plastic slats in varying thicknesses. Now you can roll your Art Clay Silver or Precious Metal Clay to varying thicknesses without hassling with stacks of playing cards. Unlike playing cards or mat board, these plastic slats will not expand if they get wet, nor will they warp or wear out over time. They remain the exact same thickness through years of use. Each pair of slats is color coded by thickness, making it a snap to find the pair you are looking for. The slats measure 6" x 1" and run from .125mm to 2mm thick. The handy slat guide provides you with the thicknesses in fractions of inches, millimeters, and card equivalents. Used to rolling out to 6 cards thick? Use your Red slats! It's easy and convenient.

  • Frosted Clear - .005" - .125mm - 1/2 card
  • Black - .01" - .25mm - 1 card
  • Yellow - .02" - .5mm - 2 cards
  • Green - .03" - .75mm - 3 cards
  • Blue - .04" - 1mm - 4 cards
  • Red - .06" - 1.5mm - 6 cards
  • Purple - .08" - 2mm - 8 cards

One pair (2 slats) of each color included in each set.

Graduated Slats are available from these retailers

Art Clay World, USA

Rio Grande

Metal Clay Supply

Metal Clay Arts

Clay Revolution

Jewelry Artist Supply

If you are a teacher or store interested in purchasing slat sets for resale, please click here for bulk pricing.


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